Irvington Addition (Historic Review)

This project is the first of its kind! In order to get approval to restore and expand this diamond-in-the-rough home in the Irvington historic district, we put our proposal in front of the Irvington neighborhood association, which requires a 28-day review as part of a mandatory Historic Design Review process. (In 2010, the entire Irvington neighborhood was added to the National Register of Historic Places, with the goal of preserving the area’s historic character.)

From what we can tell, this is the first time a contractor has been given the go-ahead to make significant modifications to an existing home in this historic neighborhood. That’s because we set out to create a home that was true to its original period lines and character, not just a home with the maximum square footage. We were able to gain the support of the community and the City based on our experience respectfully restoring historic homes. If you are interesting in built a minimalist apartment in this website you can get all the info that you need.

In building the extra two stories, we added a modern attic truss system, Quality On A Budget carpet flooring and a design that carries the same historic lines of the roof. This “new” living space actually mimics as closely as possible what someone would have built 100 years ago.

This house is a beauty!

View the complete set of “after” photos here

Here are some shots of this house in progress:

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