Finish Carpentry

this is not separate service, it is part of the renovation/remodel.
It is meant to display our level of craftmanship

Restoration and Remodeling Services Designed for Historical Properties

We firmly believe that both the artistry and craftsmanship of your historic home are extremely essential for its own identity. At Complete Construction LLC, we honor these while updating your house’s utilities and functionality as well.

Carpentry 7

Providing Full-Service Renovation Solutions

Our team offers a wide range of exceptional remodeling and restoration services, which include finish carpentry. While it is often overlooked, it is the most visible part of a renovation. From the carpentry of your property to its cabinetry, you can count on us to upgrade their functions while maintaining its period style and materials.

We always use only the highest quality of materials to maintain the continuity of your property’s architectural features instead of opting for the cheap ones. By drawing on our depth of experience, our dedicated team can blend old and new with great design, expert craftsmanship, and strict attention to detail. We work hard to make each renovating project truly special.

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