Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry includes all the cosmetic details of a remodel, such as moulding, built-ins, siding, rafter tails and railings. While it’s the most visible part of a renovation, finish carpentry is often overlooked.

3099242828_93c842b97b_bIt’s not always about what’s easiest, cheapest or most convenient… It’s about doing what’s right for your historic home, honoring the artistry and craftsmanship that went into building it.

For example, to maintain the continuity of your house’s architectural features, it’s important to use period dimensional lumber. Instead of using cheap new-construction materials, we’ll seek out reclaimed lumber from salvage, such as flat-grain fir, vertical-grain fir, quarter-sawn oak, white or red oak and mahogany. To match your vintage trim, we’ll manufacture custom moulding. We’ll hand-cut new rafter tails and corbels that will look like they’re original. And we’ll craft custom built-ins, newels and balusters that complement your trim and woodwork.

We work harder to make every project truly special by emphasizing period-accurate trim carpentry. Drawing on our depth of experience renovating vintage homes, we are able to blend old and new with tasteful design, expert craftsmanship and superior attention to detail.

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