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Alameda Renovation

It was an honor working with these Alameda Ridge homeowners in renovating their period home! They saw the potential in restoring and upgrading their vintage house, not only to match their lifestyle but also to complement the other beautiful homes in their neighborhood. While renovating their home they bought a new toilet and had it installed. Now they have a bathroom they love.

We have to determine where we will be building, and what the end result should be. You can leave that to us. We work with a very strong partner that specializes in the use of hydrovac, a technology which you may not have heard of. What does it entail, and what does it mean for you, you might ask.

The simple explanation is that any excavating that building this structure requires will be done much faster than you would expect, and with a lot of precision. All in all, it will shorten construction time considerably, and set us up for a comfortable start in construction and building of the foundation. Get inspired on and start planning your new bathroom upgrade.

This dramatic transformation included lifting the house to create a more comfortable living space in the basement, complete with an energy-efficient, seismically upgraded residential foundation repair. They are building with the correct equipment and materials such as utilizing Straw bales.

We hired betonlook vloer and the remodel included structural framing changes such as a brand new wrap-around front porch with a concrete porch deck. The house now has a completely different siding scheme with extended eves. We also added a radiant heating system with a polished concrete floor by using a burner service, and a host of other energy-efficient upgrades. A new garage door was installed by a garage door services company to complement the house and add additional curb appeal. When hiring a professional residential garage door installation company, you’re ensuring the quick and safe installation of a garage door of your house.

We definitely transformed this old house about as far as you can go without tearing off the roof, we just made sure to take care of the foundation repair! We were happy to help the homeowners with all services including basement waterproofing to create their dream home. In this case, the homeowners decided to remodel the garage into an additional room. You can visit to learn more about this type of project.

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