Old-World Craftsmanship in the Modern Days

Providing Superb Renovation for Period Houses Since 1994

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Period Home Through Renovation Work

When it comes to property construction, deciding on who to pick for your builder can be quite difficult. You have to make sure that the team you choose knows what they are doing. This is where we come in.

Complete Construction LLC in Portland, Oregon is a company dedicated to building and repairing period houses. By cutting out the middle man, we can offer you services with faster permits and full transparency.

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What We Do

Since 1994, we have been providing only the highest quality of renovation services with a keen eye for details and vintage craftsmanship. Our services have four simple steps: quote, design, permit, and build. We use materials and techniques that fit the period your home belongs to while passing the standards of modern engineering.

Let’s Get Started

We make the most authentic experience possible for our clients. If you are looking for renovation services for your vintage home, we have you covered. Get in touch with us today.