Preserving neighborhood charm

You may have seen the recent Oregonian article about the controversy over a four-story apartment building (without parking) going in on NE Fremont Street.

Not only are residents of the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood concerned about the parking issues, aesthetics and code compliance, they have organized in opposition of this and other developments in the area that are simply too far out of character with the community.

Like many parts of Portland, Beaumont-Wilshire has a wealth of charming vintage homes that contribute to its appeal.

It’s no surprise residents are uneasy. Looking for a fast buck, some developers will come in and buy up a property, demolish the “old” house and build an extra-large McMansion in its place. While this may be a win for the developer, it usually isn’t good for the neighborhood. This kind of in-fill can reduce property values and destroy the character of a neighborhood.

At Complete Construction, our business is built on preserving and restoring historic houses. We recognize that each home is unique, part of our city’s rich history, and part of what makes our neighborhoods special.

We invite you to take a look around our website and get a feel for our respectful and period-accurate renovations. We revive and retrofit old houses so that they have the latest energy-efficient features and modern amenities, and we can add more square footage with additions and dormers, all while staying true to the original character of the home and the neighborhood.

We’re known for our appreciation for design, history and attention to detail. In fact, many our of clients find us by word-of-mouth after they see a home that we’ve restored down the street, and they see the potential to modernize their period home while preserving its classic features. After a Complete Construction renovation, everything looks like it has been there all along.

What are your thoughts on in-fill and how it affects the neighborhood “vibe”? Do you live in Beaumont-Wilshire? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us with your questions and comments.