Beaumont Classic Bungalow Remodel

Homeowners Amy and Jason came to us because they wanted to add on to their vintage bungalow and expand their living space. Amy, a designer by trade, was very conscious about preserving and honoring the “old bones” of their home.

After reviewing the options with them, they decided that an addition and a new front porch would be the best way to get more usable space. They also considered a new kitchen, but opted to invest in replacing their exterior siding and adding a much needed water heater instead. Part of the needed tools and tractor equipment was rented to make it easier and more cost effective. A forklift rental was also used for the construction and made it a lot easier to move the heavier construction items.  This was their contribution to the neighborhood: bringing back the classic charm and curb appeal in a house that, in its day, was in many ways a work of art.

The construction contractors searched the archives for a 1920s house plan similar to theirs, then with this historical inspiration we designed the porch and shed dormer, invited specialists from Lighting Pros Orlando – to keep up with the architectural lines and shades of the house. The result was a lot more living area and a classic look.

Amy and Jason were thrilled with the concept and even more thrilled that we could make it happen!

Amy documented the process and the final product on her blog over at Daily Gnome:

Exterior photos – before and after

Living and dining room photos – before and after

Kitchen and nook photos – before and after

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